Saturday, 2/16/13

Hi all! I live in LA, and today was most definitely warm…gotta love the west coast for it’s unpredictable weather. For today’s outfit, I went down the “California casual chic” route with boho-tribal inspirations. I had to run errands around town this morning and afterwards, I treated my mom to a nice brunch. I wanted to go for something laid-back and earthy, so I threw on my lightweight stretchy knit top over my grey muscle tank. I paired my top with distressed ripped jeans and belted it. I accessorized with my dream catcher necklace and layered on assorted bracelets. My beaded sandals completed my outfit by giving it a pop of color. All I can say is, I’m definitely your laid-back California girl, born & raised!

- Mossimo crochet drawstring bag - Target, $24.99

- Mossimo distressed jeans - Target, $22.99

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